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    You didn't find an add-on that fully meets your needs or you would like an additional feature for one of the AWEDO add-ons and are able and willing to pay an appropriate price? Then you are very welcome to let me know about your individual needs by either starting a converasation with me or by sending me a message with the contact form. Please be as detailed as possible with the description of what you would like to achieve with the add-on. I will then make a rough estimate about the costs. If we decide to continue I will give you a quote after we have analysed the requirements.

    Payment methods

    Currently I accept the following payment methods:
    • SEPA bank transfer
    • Paypal
    • Bitcoin *

    * Due to the Bitcoin price's volatility I won't make any quotes in BTC. Instead I will convert the EUR amount to BTC on the day when a payment is due. The ╬▓itcoin price I will send you is however only 24 hours valid. If you couldn't manage to transfer the Bitcoins within this time, please contact me first to make sure that the price hasn't changed (significantly). Note that I will use the price converter from BitcoinAverages.com for calculating the price in Bitcoins.
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